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Alyssa is a Lagoon 560 S2, built in 2016, she is an extremely spacious catamaran, with 16.96 m (55.6 ft) Length and 9.45 m (31 ft) wide, providing high quality comfort and safety for its guests. If you are about to start your vacation in Greece, through sailing from one Island to the next and at same time want to be able to relax comfortably and enjoy your time, without having to lift your finger, ALYSSA will fulfil your every wish.

The moment you arrive at the berth, prior to embarkation, you will know you made the right choice. Alyssa is built on the highest level of today’s industrial standards and it provides you with plenty of space to move around anywhere on the boat and with 5 cabins to accommodate up to 10 charter guests in 4 Queen Size cabins and one twin cabin with bunk beds, all cabins with their own audio and visual entertainment systems and private bathroom facilities.

The seating areas either on the aft deck, which is very spacious and comfortable and provides the perfect atmosphere for breakfast, lunch or dinner, either the extremely beautiful upper deck, which is ideal for enjoying a glass of champagne, whilst sailing or a cocktail during the breath-taking sunset, or even on the foredeck, gazing at the horizon, will be a memorable experience for sure

  • Vessel Info
    Year Built:
    Captain Tihomir Petkov, Chef & 1 crew
  • Dimensions, Speed, & Specifications
    55 ft (17 m)
    Max Speed:
    10 kts (18 kph)
    Cruise Speed:
    10 kts (18 kph)
    Diesel 2 X 100HP Yanmar
    30 ft (9.4 m)
    Min. Draft:
    4 ft 11 in (1.5 m)
    Max. Draft:
    4 ft 11 in (1.5 m)
  • Accommodations

    Sleeps 10 in 5 Cabins

  • Ammenities
    Bluray player all cabins, MP3 music server, Outdoor audio system, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi, 14ft / 4.30m 50hp Oceanic, Assorted water toys, Paddleboard, Tube - towable, Wakeboard, Water skis - adult, Water skis - child, BBQ, Book library, Coffee machine, Deck shower, Sun cushions, Swim platform, Water maker
  • Diving
    Not Insured, Diving by arrangement, Snorkelling gear
  • Crew Profile
    Captain: Tihomir Petkov

    Captain Tihomir Petkov

    Tihomir is a gental captain - his calm personality and winning smile make everyone feel at home from the first second you meet him. Tihomir has been sailing all his life on charter and private yachts. His background also includes electrician and yacht maintenance. He has a Yacht Master diploma for up to 24m (80 Ft). Tihomir's experience on the sea is outstanding and his knowledge of every little secluded bay, marina, harbour and island will make your trip even more delightful. The Captain's friendly character allows a harmonious understanding, which is the basis of a comfortable and successful vacation on board a yacht. Most of all though he is wonderful with children.

    Chef: Anna Kravchuk

    Anna was born in Russia in 1978 and is living in Greece for several years. She speaks English, Russian and Greek and has a wonderful personality. After obtaining the diploma for Physical Education and Sports, she focused on her admiration of the sea, completing the Greek motorboat license up to 24m and the offshore sailing certificate of competence.

    Anna worked on several sailing yachts as hostess and especially as a cook, as which she is highly competent. Her previous experience as a chef in a well-known fish tavern surely has brought justice to the highly compliments she receives from her guests. Her skills and inspiration in the kitchen have matched her devotion to cleanliness and tidiness, performing as a former Cleaning crew director for �Clean and care�.

    She has warm and welcoming character, while when she is not working she prefers Mountain skiing, cooking, reading, biking and hiking

    Stewart: Veronika Kusakova

    Veronika has an outstanding character and a very professional attitude. She has been working as a Hostess and Co-skipper since 2007 and is highly experienced in crewed charters. She will look after you at all times, so that you can have the best vacations during your stay on the Yacht. Veronika is outspoken friendly, with a great smile and a cheerful mood.

    She speaks fluent English, Greek, Czech, Slovak and a bit of Polish, Russian and Croatian. She also has a Lifeguard Certificate. Other than that she owns a BA Honours Degree in Business Administration and in the winter she works as a Ski instructor.

  • Menu
    Breakfast every day:
    Yoghurt marmalade, Philadelphia cheese, honey
    Ham, cheese, croissant warm (fresh baked)
    Whole grain bread, white bread, stick bread
    Fresh pressed orange juice
    Plate with seasonal fruits, eggs omelet (on demand) pan cakes
    Coffee, tee


    First day:
    Variety of cheeses (smoked metsovone cheese, goat cheese with honey, yellow graviera cheese with chilli
    Cooling cocktail
    (Watermelon, vodka, honey)


    Stuffed chicken rollo (Philadelphia cheese, plum, bacon)
    Roasted marinated vegetables (carrots, zucchini, aubergine, green pepper, mushrooms, mini pomodori)


    Stuffed baked red peperoni (ham, mushrooms, yellow cheeses)
    Cannelloni with spinach (mascarpone cheese, parmegiano, bacon, béchamel)
    Green salad with various fresh tomato, nuts, fig + dressing (mustard, honey, lemon juice, extra pure native olive oil)



    Second Day:
    Prosciutto with sugar melon- cocktail!


    Stuffed calamari baked in the oven (peperoni, pomodori, feta cheese)
    Green salad (varius fresh baby pomodori, pine fruit, sun dried tomato, smoked metsovone cheese in mini cubes + dressing)


    Mini pastourma rollos (ham with fenugreek, yellow cheese, tomato, and florina pepperoni)
    Skiufichto (handmade pasta, with mushroom variety from the wood, milk cream, cheese)
    Green salad (chaloumi Cyprian white cheese roasted, mini pomodori with dressing balsamic cream)


    Third Day:
    Vol-au-vent with Roquefort, ham salami- cocktail!


    Roasted salmon fillet and rosemary
    Potato salad (pickle capers)


    Stuffed artichokes with bacon and Roquefort
    Baked goat in the oven with lemonsauce
    Red beetroot salad (mushrooms, garlic, nuts, balsamic, olive oil)
    Tomato (capers, crithmum maritimum)


    Fourth day:
    Smoked salmon (mouthful rose)
    Yoghourt dressing with dill and croutons-cocktail


    Mussel with rice and saffron
    Green salad with shrimp cocktail sauce


    Vaul-au-vent (bacon, mushroom, smoked cheese)
    Schnitzel pork or calf (in small pieces with Chinese marinade)
    With potato puree
    Green salad (nuts, sun dried tomato, fresh onions, and fresh mozzarella)


    Fifth day:
    Smoked trout (mayonnaise, onion, dill) on toast-cocktail


    Baked chicken legs marinated with saffron rice
    Green salad (crouton, roasted bacon, Parmegiana grated + Caesar sauce dressing)


    Aubergine roasted (feta cheese garlic, parsley, balsamic dressing)
    Pasta (lobster or schrimps)
    Razzo salad with baby pomodori, sesame-dressing (honey, balsamic cream, olive oil)



    Sixth day:
    Puff pastry rollo with spinach, cheese and nuts-cocktail!


    Smoked salmon tart soufflé!
    Tomato-motsarella-fresh basilikum (olive oil, balsamic cream)


    Mushroom soup
    Calf with sofrito sauce (garlic, parsley) and rice
    Green salad (razzo, prosciutto, baby pomodore-dressing-lemon, honey, Dijon mustard, olive oil)



    Seventh day:
    Prosciutto bread with sticks, spicy chilli cheese- cocktail!


    Stuffed wine leaves with rice and meat with egg, lemon sauce
    Ham and cheese pie


    Spring rolls with Chinese sweet sour pineapple sauce
    Baked fish in the oven
    Potato salad (potato, tomato, carrots, zucchini, pickle, capers, onion, parsley)


    Fresh Cakes
    Soufflé Chocolate
    Sou with lemon cream and chocolate dressing



    Watermelon honey, vodka
    Perro Salado (White tequila, fresh grape fruit juice)
    Zigolo (Campari, Aperol, Limoncello, fresh lemon juice, orange juice, soda water
  • Testimonials

    June 2016

    On board the Yacht Alyssa, how we will missher, 10 days just to chillax, unwind and rest. With gentle winds and turquoisesea.

    There is no better place to be hooked after bya crew that is the best!!

    James, Jo, Edward, Tommy, Tegen, Julian, Milla,Sam, Rupert, Jack

    July 2016

     Our 3rdboat trip. First one in Greece. The best.

    A super crew, a super boat, many beautifulplaces!

    We’re blessed to have the opportunity to makesuch a beautiful journey with wonderful people!

    Many, many thanks to a perfect crew.

    We were so happy to be here!

    Thank you very much for the amazing trip. Itwas fantastic!! Everything was perfect!


    It was fantastic! Thank you so much! See younext year! …And the food was super nice!!


    A journey is best measured in friends ratherthan miles!

    Sophie – Delphine

    From Belgium with Love!

    It was fantastic! See you again next year!


    July 2016

    Many, many thanks for a splendid trip.

    Wonderful boat, wonderful islands and wonderfulCaptain & Crew. You could not ask for better.

    We will always remember this with fond &loving memories.

    Love & best wishes

    From the Americans/ Scottish/ Cypriot/ German/Greek

    Bruce, Anna, Alexa & Lauren

    And from the Anglo/ Brits/ Cypriots/ Greek

    Leo, Nina and Hara

    P.S.: we all have to go on a fasting diet.

    Thank you to Vessi, Tim and Vassili for awonderful trip.

    Lots of love


    Αγαπητοί Βασίλη,Βέσση και Τιμ

    Your hospitality was simply AWESOME!!!Hopefully we meet again one day.


    Thank you for an amazing trip! These memorieswill last forever!!


    Thank you for an unbelievable vacation. Vessi –your food was delicious!

    Anna, Alexa & Bruce

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