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  • Vessel Info
    Year Built:
    Year Refittted:
    Basimakopoulos Shipyard
    Captain Stelios Kyriakidis, Chef & 4 crew
  • Dimensions, Speed, & Specifications
    113 ft (34.6 m)
    Max Speed:
    12 kts (22 kph)
    Cruise Speed:
    11 kts (20 kph)
    2x Cummins at 1200hp
    27 ft (8.4 m)
    Min. Draft:
    13 ft 9 in (4.2 m)
    Max. Draft:
    13 ft 9 in (4.2 m)
  • Accommodations

    Sleeps 11 in 5 Cabins

  • Ammenities
    CD library, DVD library, DVD player all cabins, Indoor audio system, iPod dock, MP3 music server, Outdoor audio system, Satellite TV, TV saloon, Wi-Fi, 11ft / 3.40m 40hp RIB, 14ft / 4.30m 60hp Zodiac, Kayaks multiple, Kneeboard, Paddleboard, Tube - towable, Water skis - adult, Water skis - child, BBQ, Book library, Coffee machine, Deck shower, Fishing gear - light, Ice maker, Sun cushions, Sun loungers, Water maker
  • Diving
    Not Insured, Diving if accompanied, Snorkelling gear
  • Crew Profile
    Captain: Stelios Kyriakidis (33)

    Captain Stelios is a sailing and speedboats instructor, certified by the British Royal Yachting Association (RYA). Captain Stelios has many years of experience as a Captain in numerous boats ranging from sailing boats and motor yachts, such as the historic racing yacht “Candida” (sailing yacht ‐ 36 meters, built 1929 @ Camper & Nicholson) and the “Troia” (motor sailer ‐ 34 meters). He joined the “Arktos” team in May 2016.

    Captain Stelios is a member of the Greek National Team in Olympic categories for Star and Finn and he has been awarded in Greek championships in six different categories (Optimist, Laser, Finn, Star, Dragon, J24). He also has won many awards in racing in “triangle sailing” and in “open sea” sailing. He maintains his father’s sailing school which was established in 1982. Captain Stelios creates tailor-made itineraries for his guests based on his vast knowledge of the Greek islands and seas and taking always under consideration his guests’ preferences.

    Captain Stelios speaks Greek (native tongue) and is fluent in English.

    Chef: Konstantis Aggelakopoulos (41)

    Konstantis graduated from Le Monde Culinary School of Athens and has since continued to expand his knowledge through various cooking and pastry seminars, extending his knowledge and variety in high profiled dishes. Konstantis has been working as an outstanding chef since 2011 and is able to prepare a wide range of plates varying from international cuisine to traditional Greek cuisine. Konstantis enjoys creating delicious dishes, sweets and home (“boat”) made bread for his guests and he is happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements they may have. Through his abilities and skills he always strives to provide his guests with an unforgettable experience to cherish in their memories.

    Konstantis is fluent in English, has a very pleasant attitude and is very communicative.

    Engineer: Giannis Sarantou (38)

    Giannis has studied Marine Engineering in Greece and has served for 12 years on board sea going vessels. Giannis joined the “Arktos” in May 2013, when he took charge of the engine room. Giannis speaks Greek (native language), English and some Italian.

    Sailor: Konstantinos Kappos (29)

    Konstantinos has been working at sea since 2009. He has served as assistant steward on passenger coastal ships and as deckhand on board various yachts such as motor yacht “Marla” (50 m), “Noa of the Seas” (26 m), “Ragus” (24.5 m) and motor sailer “Aegean Schatz” (30 m) before joining the “Arktos” in March 2017.

    Konstantinos has served at the Special Forces, an explosive specialist, he has a Lifeguard License from the Hellenic Lifeguard Academy, has attended two First Aid courses and is holder of 2 Diving Licenses and a Skipper License.

    With his helpful and friendly disposition, Konstantinos strives to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible.

    Konstantinos speaks Greek (native language), English, some Spanish and Hebrew and is currently studying Russian.

    Sailor: Dimitris Palaiopanos (32)

    Dimitris has been working at sea since 2009. He has served on board various motor sailers and catamarans, until he joined the “Arktos” in February 2017.

    He participates in the Attica Nautical Offshore Sailing Club racing sailing team and has a Diving and a Sailing License and has worked as an assistant skipper at the program of the General Secretariat for Youth «Three-days sailing in the Aegean».

    Dimitris is also a member of the Greek Rescue Team of West Attica, and has good knowledge of First Aid.

    Before finding his way to the maritime business, he had been working for SUMMITEAM, a company who specializes in professional maintenance of wind turbines and hanging bridges.

    Dimitris is an over-whelming kind-hearted and very caring member of our team, with an extremely friendly and joyable personality. He is a hardworking and very attentive sailor, who will look after the guests at all times, making them feel comfortable and safe. His main concern is to make everything possible, so that the guests have the vacation of their lifetime.

    He speaks Greek (native language), English and Bulgarian.

    Hostess: Joanna Arvanitaki (33)

    Joanna is an amazing professional stewardess, who has a wonderful personality and a beautiful smile, which lightens the spirit of everyone around her. Children simply adore her, while her calm character and high professionalism allows her to cope with any given situation.

    Joanna has graduated from the State School of Tourism in 2007 with a 1st class degree and since then she has held positions as a waitress at several 5 star hotels (Ledra Marriott, King George Palace, Sofitel Airport, NJV Athens Plaza) and the New Acropolis Museum. She has also waitressed in banquets, conferences, society weddings and other V.I.P. events and in privately owned villas providing service to Greek and foreign diplomats, politicians and shipowners. Joanna has served on board the motor yacht “PARIS A” (35 m) as chief stewardess before joining “Arktos” in March 2017. She has a very good knowledge of wines, spirits and cocktails.

    Joanna is a highly trained professional, dedicated to her field of expertise, has a brilliant smile, is always eager to meet her guests’ every need and wants to ensure that they have a fantastic time on board.

    Joanna loves traveling abroad, music and playing the guitar, and working out, she is holder of 2 black belts in Tae Kwon Do.

    Joanna has the British as well as the Greek Nationality and is very communicative. She has a great sense of humour and her responsible attitude always makes consider first the safety and well-being of her guests.

  • Menu



    Fruit juices, coffee, tea, cereals, fresh seasonal fruit, variety of Greek cheeses, Greekyogurt, hen eggs/ omelette/ poached/ scrambled/ fried, bread/ selection of rusks,butter, variety of jams, Greek honey



    • ‐  Spanakopitakia (hand made spinach pies with feta cheese) and

    • ‐  Melitzanosalata (traditional Greek aubergine spread)

    • ‐  Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, fresh onions, Kalamata olives,

      capers, small Cretan rusks and Greek virgin olive oil)

    • ‐  Gemista, stuffed tomatoes and aubergines

    • ‐  Fresh seasonal fruit


    • ‐  Tyropita (hand made cheese pie with feta cheese)

    • ‐  Grilled octopus

    • ‐  Green salad with lettuce and rocket topped with dry‐cured Prosciutto and

      parmesan flakes

    • ‐  Sautéed filet of pork, cooked and marinated in Samos sweet wine, with

      mushrooms and potato purée

    • ‐  Lemon yogurt mousse with Greek yogurt and fresh lemon



    • ‐  Octopus Stifado, in spicy red wine sauce and onions

    • ‐  Taramosalata (Cod egg roe spread)

    • ‐  Greek Moussaka, layers of aubergine slices, cheese, minced meat, topped

      with a thick béchamel sauce

    • ‐  Fresh seasonal fruit


    • ‐  Grilled fresh vegetables with Cypriot Haloumi cheese, topped with Balsamiccream dressing

    • ‐  Northern Greece salad with cabbage, carrots, celery and virgin olive oildressing

    • ‐  Fresh grilled sea bream with sauce topped with finely topped parsley

    • ‐  Chocolate mousse and fresh seasonal fruit



    • ‐  Fava (Fava been purée) topped with fresh onion and virgin olive oil, fried fetacheese coated with sesame seeds, beaten with fresh tomato sauce and basil

    • ‐  Lebanese Tabbouleh salad, ripe finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur andonion, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice

    • ‐  Courgette risotto

    • ‐  Fresh seasonal fruit


    • ‐  Arktos salad, rocket, baby spinach leaves, feta cheese, sweet peas andflavored fresh lemon dressing

    • ‐  Shrimp Kritharoto (orzo pasta rice) orzo, shrimps, cooked with ouzo

    • ‐  Pork steaks with white wine and lemon sauce with Rissolees potatoes

    • ‐  Ice cream and fresh seasonal fruit



    • ‐  Freshly baked pitta bread with a Greek creamy cheese (Anthotiro) freshlychopped tomatoes, rocket, balsamic vinegar and truffle oil

    • ‐  Briam, baked seasonal vegetables, with fresh tomatoes and virgin olive oil

    • ‐  Fresh seasonal fruit


    • ‐  Cold cucumber soup, grated cucumber with yogurt, lemon juice, dill, parsleyand virgin olive oil

    • ‐  Seasonal vegetable risotto

    • ‐  Oven roasted leg of lamb cooked with wild Greek herbs and lemon roasted

      Oreganata potatoes

    • ‐  Ice cream and fresh seasonal fruit

      DAY FIVE


      • ‐  Fried calamari and feta Saganaki (baked feta cheese with pepers)

      • ‐  Waldorf salad, lettuce, celery, apples, wallnuts and a vinaigrette dressing

        with a touch of mayonnaise

      • ‐  Papoutsakia, oven baked aubergine stuffed with minced meat and topped

        with a thick béchamel sauce

      • ‐  Fresh seasonal fruit


      • ‐  Feta Tempura and tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella cheese crostini

      • ‐  Caesar salad with iceberg, lettuce, grilled pancetta and anchovy vinaigrette

      • ‐  Astakomakaronada, Aegean Sea lobsters, chopped onions and parsley

        sautéed in virgin olive oil, ouzo, fresh tomato sauce served with spaghetti

        (subject to availability)

      • ‐  Mille‐Feuille and fresh seasonal fruit



    • ‐  Htapodi Xidato, octopus marinated in virgin olive oil and vinegar cooked inwhite wine sauce

    • ‐  Ampelofasoula, string beans lightly boiled, white balsamic vinegar, virginolive oil and topped with oregano

    • ‐  Oven roasted chicken with lemon, rosemary and served with Oreganatapotatoes

    • ‐  Ice cream and fresh seasonal fruit


    • ‐  Caprese salad, sliced fresh tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella cheese, basilleaves, pesto and virgin olive oil

    • ‐  Linguine Napolitana, linguine with on board prepared tomato sauce, basiland parmesan cheese

    • ‐  Kakavia (Bouillabaisse), slow boiled sea bass, rock fish and prawns, cookedwith tomatoes, onions, olive oil, lemon juice and garnished with parsley

    • ‐  Cheesecake and fresh seasonal fruit



    • ‐  Courgette and aubergine Tempura

    • ‐  Fresh green salad with lettuce and rocket, cherry tomatoes topped with

      Italian dry‐cured Prosciutto and parmesan flakes

    • ‐  Soutzoukakia Smirneika, grilled minced beef short rib, cooked in fresh tomato

      sauce and served tomato puree


    • ‐  Seasonal Crudites with Tzatziki (Greek yogurt spread with dill and cucumber)and Melitzanosalata (traditional Greek aubergine spread)

    • ‐  Keftedakia, deep fried meetballs, minced beef and pork, with onions, virginolive oil, eggs, parsley and cumin

    • ‐  Romaine lettuce, spring onion and dill, served with a citrus dressing

    • ‐  Roast swordfish served with Ratatouille seasonal fresh vegetables

    • ‐  Ekmek Katifi and fresh seasonal fruit

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