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The 5 Best Lighthouses in New England

December 29, 2017 Published by | Share This Post

New England yacht charters have something to offer everyone and one of the most iconic symbols of the northern coast of the United States is a lighthouse. The lighthouses you’ll find across New England are historic and located in dangerous places along the shore. Their light serves as a warning to boaters. A lighthouse is like a traffic sign of the sea.

#1 Assateague Lighthouse

The Tallest Lighthouse in New England

Located on the southern end of Assateague Island off the coast of eastern Virginia, the Assateague Light is 142 feet tall with red and white horizontal stripes (like a candy cane). The lighthouse was constructed in 1867 as a replacement for a shorter lighthouse. New England yacht charters approaching the area can see the light for 19 miles.

#2 Boon Island Lighthouse

The Second Tallest Lighthouse in New England

Boon Island is located on the southern coast of Maine and is the tallest lighthouse in the state at 133 feet. The history of Boon Island Light dates back to 1799 when President James Madison authorized the building of the lighthouse during the War of 1812. The light’s beacon rotates white every five seconds.

#3 Doubling Point Range (Kennebec River Range) Lighthouse

The Shortest Lighthouse in New England

The Doubling Point Range Lights are a pair of range lights on the Kennebec River, in Arrowsic, Maine and both are among the shortest in the country. Range lights (also known as leading lights) are a pair of lighthouses that help identify a safe passage for vessels entering a shallow or dangerous channel.

The southern tower is 17 feet in height and the northern tower is 13 feet tall. From the main channel only the southern light is visible. The lighthouses are identical in style, white with a red roof, yet they serve to point out different characteristics at night.

#4 Portland Head Lighthouse

The Most Iconic Lighthouse in New England

The Portland Head Lighthouse in Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, has been a popular landmark for the area since 1790. It is 72 feet high and was built to help warn of impeding British attacks. The lighthouse is all white with black accents and the beacon is solar powered.

#5 West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

The Most Photographed Lighthouse in New England

Also located in Maine the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is said by locals to be the most photographed lighthouse in the country. It has narrow stripes of red and white, appearing like a candy cane. It has become a distinguishable view both in person and in photographs. Located in Quoddy Head State Park, the original tower was built in 1808 under orders from President Thomas Jefferson. The lighthouse that stands today is not the original but was reconstructed 50 years after the original lighthouse was builtThe lighthouse  tower that stands today was built in. The tower is 49 feet tall.

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