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7 Ways to Entertain Children on French Riviera Yacht Charters

October 27, 2017 Published by | Share This Post

The French Riviera is one of the most iconic coastlines, which the best views coming from the deck of your yacht charter. Sailing and cruising with your children in the French Riviera (or anywhere in the world) can be a rewarding experience. The vacation you’ve been waiting for can be as exciting for your children as it is for the adults in the family… as long as your prepared. We’ve compiled some ideas to keep your children entertained and engaged during French Riviera yacht charters.

#1: Bring their favorite messy toys (think Playdough, paint, etc.).

You might cringe when your young child wants to play with Playdough or paint at home, but on a yacht, the mess is easily contained and cleaned up, which means your little one can play with even the messiest toys. Be sure to let your children know what you’re bringing so they can be excited about playing.

#2: Let them play captain.

Every kid loves to play boss, so dress them up and let them take the wheel. You can talk to your captain and crew ahead of time and ask that your child get a tour of the captain’s quarters. As long as it’s safe, your children will learn about the operating mechanisms of the boat, and feel like they’re contributing.

#3: Request a slide.

Does this one need an explanation? Who doesn’t love slides? Your captain and crew can likely include a small inflatable slide for the back of the boat. On ocean days your children will be able to entertain themselves for hours playing on the slide and swimming, giving you time to relax… adult style.

#4:  Teach some history.

The French Riviera is a unique part of the world and offers a lot of history. Learn about the area together and try to spot popular landmarks from your French Riviera yacht charter. The whole family is likely to learn something!

#5:  Go fishing in the rain!

You’re likely to have some rainy days on your yacht charter. When it rains you typically stay indoors, but when you give your children permission to fish in the rain you’re sure to win the “coolest parent of the day” award. Bonus points for anyone who catches dinner and to the kid who can identify his or her catch first.

#6: Watch movies.

Movies are a great way to pass the time for children and allow the adults to spend some time alone. Beware: when choosing which moves to bring, or when purchasing directly from the boat, be sure to pick non-boating movies. Titanic, Jaws, and Life of Pi won’t help your son or daughter enjoy themselves aboard their yacht vacation.

#7: Share the itinerary and a map.

Just like playing captain is fun and helps children feel helpful, so is mapping out the vacation. Encourage them to use a paper map and pen (or stickers) to mark the places you’ve already visited and the places that are yet to be discovered. Your children will get excited about what’s to come for the remainder of your vacation.

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