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Bahamas Yacht Charter For a Week? Yes!

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Bahamas yacht charters can be one of the most unique ways to visit this tropical paradise that is made up of more than 700 islands and 2,000+ rocks and cays. In total, the Bahamas covers more than 100,000 square miles of ocean and has earned a name that is synonymous with clear blue water, great weather and lively culture.

In the yachting world, the Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations. In just 50 miles from the coast of Boynton Beach, Florida, you can be enjoying award-winning white sand beaches. Boynton Beach is part of South Florida, dubbed the yachting capital of the world.

Bahamas Yacht Charters Must-See Destinations

The West End

The western tip of Grand Bahama Island is a historic village that offers a side of the Bahamas you’ve likely never experienced. It is perfect for those looking for less crowds and more culture.

Treasure Cay

Treasure Kay has been called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There is more than three miles of beach and multiple onshore excursions available for visitors, including trail riding.

Green Turtle Cay

The best way to explore this island is via golf cart. Green Turtle Cay offers award-winning white sand beaches that can be enjoyed from the island or from the sea looking in (we think this view can’t be beat).

Long Island

Long Island is home to Dean’s Blue Hole, which is the deepest blue hole in the world. Yet, despite this attraction you’ll still find tranquility here with breathtaking cliffs, bright coral reeds and serene beaches.

Cat Island

Cat Island offers history buffs an untouched piece of paradise. Cat Island is made up of more than 50 miles of rolling hills with nature trails and an eight-mile pink sand beach that invites you to do, well… nothing at all.


As the largest and most sparsely developed of all the islands in the Bahamas, visitors can find an abundance of wildlife on Andros.  Yachters can enjoy bird watching, kayaking, hiking and snorkeling.

Acklins & Crooked Island

These two islands are separated by a 500-square-mile lagoon and known for being “off the beaten path.” Some of the unique adventures this part of the country offers visitors includes limestone caves, and remnants of slave and cotton plantations.

The Berry Islands

The Berry Islands offer yachters unique diving opportunities as there are a number of cavern, reef, wall and wreck dive sites, including a 600-foot-wide blue hole that makes for great fishing.

Booking Bahamas Yacht Charters

At Neptune Group Yachting our mission is to help you create the ultimate of private yacht vacations. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, approximately 50 miles from the Bahamas, our team can plan, organize and execute your Bahamas yacht charter. We invite you to check out our fleet and read more about the exciting opportunities the Bahamas offers yachters.

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