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Boating Gifts That Are Perfect For Yacht Charter Vacations

October 31, 2018 Published by | Share This Post

The season of gift giving is upon us and we’ve got just what you need to find the perfect gift for the yacht lover in your life. Check out these must-have boating accessories that are perfect for yacht charter vacations.

#1: Cuisinart Grill

It is everything you need compacted into a grill that mounts to the rails of your boat. The grill has 14 sq. inches of cooking space (about 4 burgers), stainless steel burner and drip tray. The stainless steel mounts ensure its stability.

#2: Lillipad Diving Board

The most exciting part of any boat trip is the water activities. Why jump from the deck when you can easily install this diving board for extra fun? Pro tip: this gift will definitely get you brownie points with the kids.

#3: Sea to Summit 20-Liter Dry Sack

Although it can be said that you should never bring anything on a boat you don’t want getting wet, seasoned pros know that isn’t true. A lightweight, waterproof bag will keep your most important gear and gadgets dry.

#4: Davis Queaz-Away Relief Bands

Combat sea sickness the natural way with these relief bands. They add slight pressure to your wrists at targeted pressure points to ease your nausea, leaving you able to enjoy your vacation as if you were on dry land.

#5: Olixar X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case

Not only does this handy phone case keep your phone protected from the elements, its flip-out kick stand and hidden multitool make it functional both at sea and land. It is a ruler, knife, bottle opener, screwdriver and saw all-in-one.

#6: NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

You may not be doing much meal prepping or fish cleaning yourself, but if you plan to do some work in the kitchen no cut gloves make a great gift and are ideal for preventing mishaps. The back and forth motion of a boat at sea can make cutting, chopping and scaling more difficult (and dangerous) than when you are on land.

#7: Meguiar’s Boat/RV Air Refreshers

The air in your yacht is like the air on an airplane. It can be dry, stale and – quite frankly – dirty. These air re-freshers eliminate odor and leave a pleasant scent.

#8: Portable Hammock

There is always time for a nap in a hammock while aboard yacht charter vacations. These hammocks come in singles or doubles and fold into a pouch smaller than a pillow. Enjoy them while at sea or take them with you for your land-based adventures.

#9: High Performance Fishing Gear

One mangrove is planted for every product that is purchased from Mang. Choose from men’s performance tees, ladies tank tops, hats and buffs. It is a gift that keeps on giving – perfect for him and helpful for the planet.

#10: Paracord

Paracord is mold and mildew resistant and ready for whatever anything – rigging, docking, crafting or securing. On a boat, there always seems to be a need for strong and durable rope. Paracord comes in endless colors and is certified by U.S. government contractors ensuring strength and durability.

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