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Unbiased Expertise

To better serve our clientele, our charter agents are also licensed yacht brokers for the state of Florida, insured and bonded. Neptune Group Yachting is totally independent. We are neither owned by, nor are we the exclusive representative of, any yacht builder. Our advice is unbiased when it comes to assisting our clients with the charter, sale, purchase, or placing a yacht into charter market service.

Purchasing a vessel, regardless of its size, is a serious investment. Before you get serious enough to sign on the “dotted line,” we recommend you consider trying before buying. Chartering a similar size or style vessel can give you a world of information regarding your comfort on board, as well as your eventual satisfaction with your purchase.

Trying out a similar yacht on a Bahamas charter trip, for example, can reveal valuable insights as well as answer nagging questions. Here are just a few of them:

  • Are you a “go-fast” planing hull sort of owner? Or does the deeper draft displacement and slower, more comfortable speed of a displacement vessel suit you better?
  • Does the vessel have sufficient exterior living space?
  • If you enjoy eating outdoors, is there a proper al fresco dining area?
  • What about walk-around side decks? Yes, they can compromise interior space; however, your crew will not have to march through your living area to carry out their duties.
  • Is there deck space for all the toys and requisite crane you plan to place onboard?
  • Moving to the yacht’s interior, do you prefer an open salon/dining area arrangement, or do you require a formal dining room?
  • Are there enough staterooms to accommodate the family members and guests you plan to invite onboard?
  • Is the crew accommodation adequate for the number of crew you need to ensure proper service that you seek?
  • When you are onboard, are you enjoying the “dream yacht” experience that you had in mind?

During the course of your research, you also can experience firsthand the performance and presentation of your competitors should you plan to place the vessel you purchase into charter service. An important question to answer is, just how valuable are “experienced charter crew”?

By now, you have most likely come up with your own list of questions. If you have a captain, you also may want to bring him or her along on the charter. Your captain can be another set of “eyes and ears” throughout your search for the right yacht – and will be better informed as to your likes and dislikes when the time comes to take command of your new vessel.

Pride of Ownership

For every client we represent, our goal is to enhance pride of ownership and add to your quality of life, while respecting your privacy.

Not only do we offer an impressive database of both new and used yachts, our agents also are skilled to assist you each step of the way. We specialize in yachts of all sizes, both power and sail, located around the world. We also can assist with custom builds each step of the way from finding the proper yard, to selecting a project manager, to the final product.

Once you’ve signed on that “dotted line,” we will remain at your service to assist with everything from referrals of interior designers, to the purchase of your yacht toys, to full management and crew placement, etc. Our objective is to ensure your pride of ownership is worry-free.

Once all is in readiness, we’ll be proud to assist with casting off your lines and will remain just a phone call away.

Contact our Brokerage department 7 days a week at 954-5242-7978 or email