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What You Can Expect on a Mediterranean Yacht Charter

April 19, 2017 Published by | Share This Post

The “Mediterranean” refers to the 22 counties that border the Mediterranean Sea. The most popular countries for yachting in the Mediterranean are Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey with the 6,000 islands of Greece as the most popular.

In Greece and throughout the Mediterranean you can expect to indulge in all the senses with impressive surroundings, fine cuisine and leisurely activities. Each of these countries has its own language, culture and history, making Mediterranean yacht charters a unique experience each and every time.

Ideal Weather

If you are traveling in the summer months you can expect ideal weather, especially in Greece. Sunny days and breezy evenings are a given from May through July. You’ll need warm clothing for nighttime (especially when you are on the water) and swimsuits and light clothing for daytime activities.

Fine Cuisine

Spain, France, Italy and Greece… they are known worldwide for their delicious dishes. Enjoy fresh paella in Spain, exotic cheeses in France, a savory pasta dish in Italy or a Greek salad in the islands.

Safe Swimming

The Mediterranean Sea is free from sharks and other poisonous fish that can sometimes plague swimmers. Unlike tropical destinations like Florida and throughout the Caribbean, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea means you don’t need to worry about any unseen creatures.

Captivating History

Spain, Italy and Greece offer vacationers a rich history and even richer culture. Spain is both charming and full of character, Italy is littered with sites of historic architecture and beloved art to tour and Greece tells the stories of mythology that captivate even the youngest of travelers.

Friendly Folk

Since the Mediterranean is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world, the locals that make up the harbors, cities and towns of these popular yachting destinations are friendly and welcoming. Your travel to their hometown provides income, which helps their economy and families thrive.

Stunning Views

So often one thinks of palm trees, colorful fish and coconuts in association with boating or yachting, but that is not what you can expect in the Mediterranean. The backdrops of Italy and Greece include a mountainous terrain, littered with bright homes and a green landscape.

Diverse Activities

Your trip can include snorkeling, diving and swimming to people watching, star gazing and sunrise watching. We suggest planning daytime activities that allow you to get off the boat and experience the culture of each destination up close and personal.

Booking Mediterranean Yacht Charters is Easy

Neptune Group Yachting is a professional charters crew based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida aka the boating capital of the world. Our mission is to connect you with a luxury yacht charter that meets the needs of you and your family. We like to say that we are your portal to the world of luxury yachting. If you are looking to book a Mediterranean yacht charter, start by checking out our online yacht directory.

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