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Charter Blueprint for Your Private Yacht Vacation

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To Your Taste … Food & Libation

Your private yacht vacation plans are now on the “drawing board”…. Imagine, your very own private Cordon Bleu-trained or Michelin-rated chef on your very own private yacht, waiting to cater to your every taste and whim. One may wonder if they are so well trained, why are they working on a yacht? Unlike a chef working a restaurant – even one of the world’s finest – the private chef is there to please the owner and a few select guests rather than the masses. As culinary artists, their creativity can be endless with a palette that defies imagination; there’s no need to stick to the same set menu night after night.

As one of our exceptional chefs remarked, “No effort is too great to ensure you not only cook well but also are ethical and organic. If it is truffles, they’re from France; if scallops, they are hand-caught. After all … we are a superyacht and can afford to set these types of standards.”

Let your imagination wander considering what culinary delights your chef may be preparing while you are sipping tropical cocktails in the on-deck Jacuzzi as the sun sets beneath the azure horizon and the cool sea breeze perfumes the air. It’s the perfect appetizer before a delectable meal.

Procuring Your Preferences

So that the chef may be sure to stock your favorite foods on board in advance of your trip, prior to your charter, please fill out our food and beverage Preference Form. You may be as detailed as you like. Or, if you prefer to let the chef to surprise you, please be sure at the very least to provide information about any food allergies and/or particular dislikes you and those in your charter party may have.

The crew will do everything possible to procure your preferences and have them on board for your charter vacation. If you have very specific and special requests, please let your Charter Agent know well in advance so everyone can work together to fulfill them. Should you wish to eat ashore one or more meals during your trip, please also let your Captain know so that the chef will be informed.

Who’s Who…Your Passenger Manifest

Behind the scenes, your captain and crew work exceedingly hard to create a carefree, relaxed and fun holiday for you and your guests. The Manifest is required by Customs and Immigration or Harbor authorities and is a required document of information for the captain to have on hand throughout the cruise.

Where, Oh Where…Flight & Activities Info

Now the fun begins as we build on the plan. This form provides the information your crew needs to know about your flight times and travel information so they can meet you upon arrival. Greetings to all, and they will quickly retrieve your baggage and guide you to a waiting vehicle or vessel to transport all to your yacht. Pre-arrival, you will exchange contact information with the yacht, so you can be in direct touch with the chef and captain to help plan your menu, itinerary, and the level of activities you prefer. All of those boat toys, fabulous beaches and dive sites are waiting for you … and let’s not forget land tours and shopping!