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Crew Placement

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We Know Crew!

Searching for professional yacht crew or looking for a rewarding crew position has never been easier, thanks to Neptune Crew, a division of Neptune Group Yachting. Our Florida yachting agency knows crew and provides employment and recruitment services for yacht crew, captains and owners alike.

The latest addition to our expansive menu of services, Neptune Crew draws upon our exclusive database of more than 30,000 professional yacht crew members. It also benefits from the vast experience of TheNeptuneGroup, the #1 Choice in crew accommodations in Fort Lauderdale, the Yachting Capital of the World.

Firsthand experience

Our placement agents’ approachable and friendly demeanor, paired with their many years of experience in the yachting industry as professional crew on charter and private yachts, enables them to better understand the needs of today’s crew, captains and owners.

Says our Director of Crew Placement: “Working as a superyacht chief stew has given me firsthand experience in what it takes to be a great yacht crew member and charter vacation host. With Neptune Crew, we now have the opportunity to put that experience to work for Neptune Group Yachting’s clients.”

The perfect match

Every yacht program is unique – and putting one together is like solving a jigsaw puzzle by putting together all the right pieces. Yacht owners prefer different types of service, and not all crew are alike in their training, skills and personality. Our agents will work with you on an in-depth, personalized basis to match you with the most appropriate crew for your needs. Are you accustomed to a more formal environment, where the crew speak only when spoken to and perform their duties in the most inconspicuous possible manner?  Or do you enjoy getting to know the crew, learning about their families, interests, and travels? Is your yacht just “one big happy family”? No matter your style, our goal is to recommend the very best match and to customize your yacht’s service as perfectly as possible to meet your desires.

Advancing your career

The “perfect match” works both ways. Crew looking for a position can rest assured that Neptune Crew’s agents will do their utmost to find the right yacht program and job to fulfill their needs and ambitions. We will work with you to help you market yourself, your certifications and skills to their best advantage. Our goal is not just to find you a job but also to help you find a position that you will stay in and excel at, ultimately advancing your career in the yachting industry.

Fast action

We often hear a desperate plea for crew, especially when an unexpected departure suddenly leaves an essential position open on a yacht. Our agents embrace the challenge of finding the right match for the yacht within an expedited time period. At the same time, Neptune Crew will settle for nothing less than complete client satisfaction.