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What Do You Eat on Luxury Yacht Charters?

May 26, 2017 Published by | Share This Post

One of the most important – and most enjoyed – aspects of vacationing is food. For many days of your trip all of your meals will be onboard the vessel – from morning coffee to your midnight snack.

There are a few things you can certainly count on your chef to utilize: fresh ingredients, service and meal prep that is catered to you and only you.

The Importance of Preference Forms

When booking luxury yacht charters there is a step in the process that requires you to complete a “preference form.” The form outlines all of your dietary specifications, including allergies, to the chef.

We recommend you be prepared to ask questions like:

  • What beverage do you prefer be served with your meals?
  • What is your preferred alcoholic beverage(s)?
  • What are your preferred meal times?
  • Do you eat a light or full breakfast?
  • What kind of juice do you prefer with breakfast, if at all?
  • Do you prefer plate or buffet service?
  • Do you prefer your lunch hot or cold?
  • What are your favorite meats?
  • What are your favorite cheeses?
  • What is your preferred cooking style? (For example: Caribbean, Indian, Italian, Asian, etc.)
  • Do you want dessert every night?
  • Do you want a particular meal for a special occasion during your boat trip?
  • Is there any food that you dislike?
  • Do you prefer your meals to be casual or formal?

It is easy for the form to get lost in the shuffle and be completed with little thought or concern, but we suggest making the completion of your preference form a priority. It is important for your chef to know if you have food allergies or are lactose intolerant, or perhaps you eat gluten free or are vegan? Share this information with your chef via the preference form in order to have the best dining experience. Your gut will thank you after your first sunset dinner aboard your luxury charter.

Sample Yacht Charter Menu

Each meal plan is unique to the crew and passengers aboard the ship. The quality of the meals will change with the price and duration of your trip. The types of food served will also change depending on your location in the world and the types of fresh ingredients that are available.


  • Oats with yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Pancakes with your preferred filling
  • Breakfast salad
  • Eggs


  • Salad with your meat of choice
  • Ceviche
  • Gazpacho
  • Sandwiches (cold or hot)


  • Fish tacos
  • Steak or chicken with veggies
  • Pasta with seafood
  • Caribbean soup


  • Brownie with ice cream
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Cinnamon apple crumble

Fine Dining on a Yacht Charter is all About You

There are lots of sample menus online but no menu is “standard.” Chefs take great pride in customizing their meals and seeing the surprise and delight of passengers after they have enjoyed a fine meal. If you can provide your chef with the detailed information he or she needs you can expect only the finest of dining aboard your luxury yacht charter.

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