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Fashion Tips for First Time Boaters

January 31, 2019 Published by | Share This Post

Everyone loves the nautical look. Lightweight clothing, muted colors, messy hair, and sunglasses pretty much define the “boating look,” which is based solely on comfort (hey, we’re not complaining).

Loose, Breathable Clothing … Lots of It

Chartered yacht vacations are all about relaxation and the preferred clothing for yacht and boat rides follows suit. Light, loose and breathable are the three preferred adjectives that describe what you should be packing for your boating vacation. Yes, this even includes long sleeves, which can help prevent overexposure to the sun without causing unnecessary (and unwanted) sweat.

Pack Light Colors

Did you know that dark colors retain sun more than light colors? On a boat, you are in sun more often than you are on land. Light colors help keep you cool by retaining less heat. When packing for your yacht charter vacation, avoid black and brown clothing. Red, light blue, gray and white are the most popular nautical colors – you’ll look great and stay cool in this color scheme.

Bring Sunglasses (Good Ones) & Hats

For landlubbers, sunglasses and hats might be a fashion statement, but when you are on a boat or yacht, theses accessories are no longer optional. Sunburn on your scalp is definitely a thing (a painful thing at that), and a hat can prevent over exposure to sun on your head and face.

Sunglasses – proper sunglasses, not the cheap ones at your local supermarket – protect your eyes from the reflection of the water. In the same way that you can burn your scalp, you can burn your eyes. It’s not enjoyable and will definitely put a damper on your cruising.

The Boat Deck Is No Place for Important Jewelry

It’s true that jewelry on a boat poses more of a threat than a fashion statement. Picture these scenes:

  • You lose your wedding ring after taking it off to apply sunscreen. You suddenly realize your necklace is missing and has probably become a treasure of the sea.
  • Your husband points out that you only have on one of your favorite earrings.

These jewelry horror stories are all too common. If the piece is important to you, or has a high monetary value, it’s best to leave it at home. Instead use fashion jewelry during your yacht vacation in place of the expensive stuff to avoid the upset of lost family treasures.

Think Beyond Flip Flops

Despite being associated with beachwear, flip flops are not appropriate footwear on a boat. They lack a proper grip and leave your foot exposed. A closed toe shoe is more appropriate for your trip – trust us, you don’t want to find out the hard way why closed toed shoes are the better option.

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