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Favorite Yachting Spots in New England

March 17, 2017 Published by | Share This Post

One thing every boater in New England can agree on is the beautiful sunsets. The water is clean and clear and the coast offers beautiful views. Not sure what New England yacht charters can offer you and your family? Check out our some of our favorite spots.

Dutch Island

Located in Jamestown, Rhode Island, just west of Conanicut Island, Dutch Island is full of history dated as far back as World War I. The island is now a wildlife preserve that can be reached by boat or kayak. There is a mooring field for your yacht and our experts suggest spending the night and scheduling a hike in the morning when the wildlife is most active. If you get hungry, stop by the shack at the Dutch Harbor Boatyard for a quick bite before you head off to your next New England yachting destination.

Martha’s Vineyard

A trip to New England isn’t complete without a stop by Martha’s Vineyard. Located just seven miles from Cape Cod, the island is most accessible by boat (though you can also visit by air if that’s your style).

The island has a private marina offering overnight dockage during season. We suggest making reservations early. We promise you’re not the only family looking to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Nantucket Island

For many, the highlight of New England yacht charters is visiting Nantucket Island. In a word it is… charming. Sand dunes, bright lighthouses and diverse wildlife dot the coast, making the island one of the most popular for visitors in the region.

If you’re looking for a little land action after a few days of floating, Nantucket Island is a good place for lodging. The options for overnight accommodations expand from small seaside cottages and historic buildings to mansions on the coast.

Hadley’s Harbor

In need of an overnight trip during your yacht rental? Hadley Harbor has been called among the best protected anchorages south of Cape Cod. The location here is prime, which makes it one of many ideal stopping points on your journey. Beware of the rocks when you approach and follow yachting etiquette when it comes to choosing a mooring. If a dingy is moored, it means a boat is coming back.

Hammersmith Farm

Hammersmith Farm is the former home of Jacqueline Kennedy and has seen many days with the Kennedy family while in the height of their political power. The island has beaches, mansions and quite a bit of American history. Hammersmith Farm is definitely worth floating by. The residence is now private so you can’t get off the boat, but the view is just as good as it was decades ago.

Visit a Favorite New England Boating Location

Neptune Group Yachting can help get you to the waters of New England to visit these and many other popular boating destinations from Boston to Maine. We specialize in making your yachting dreams come true. Check out our fleet and learn more about yachting in New England.


  • DJ says:

    Call and ask us about private yachts available in this spectacular summer destination

  • Madeline, I have a group of 8 guests who want to charter in the NYC area this Thursday for 4 hours, from what their agent tells me they are willing to pay!
    They also wanted two jet skis which we will have to hire separately??
    Do you have any yacht in the NYC area that could handle this request.
    Thank you…

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