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Instagram-Worthy Island Yacht Charter Destinations

March 23, 2018 Published by | Share This Post

If you go on vacation and don’t take and post photos, did it actually happen? We live our lives online and in 2018 taking photographs of your vacation is a detail just as important as the details of how, when and where you’re vacationing.

When you’re vacationing on a yacht, it’s easy to find yourself in a picture perfect backdrop. With the ocean to your back and a sunset or sunrise in front of you – and nothing in between but fresh air and blue sky – it’s hard not to take an Instagram-worthy photo.

At Neptune Group Yachting we’re under the impression that there is no bad social media picture when you’re yachting. It’s like peanut butter and jelly – the two just go together. Our team has outlined some of the best spots to take your camera aboard luxury yacht charters.

The Grenadines

If we asked you “what color is the ocean?” you would say blue… unless you’re in the Grenadines. The water here is so clear that it appears teal to the eye and the view extends across a chain of 32 islands. Port Elizabeth is a popular port and a central location to the more than 60 miles that make up this piece of paradise. We bet pictures of just the ocean alone – no people or sunsets necessary – will have your Instagram roll buzzing.

Catalina Island, California

Located just a short 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles, Catalina Island is a yachter’s paradise – beautiful and centrally located. There are two harbors and a small village, which means plenty of photo opportunities. Luxury yacht charters pepper the coast of Catalina Island and resemble a postcard you would find in a Los Angeles gift shop.

Miami, Florida

When you think of Miami scenes of white beaches, active nightclubs, good-looking people and fine food likely come to mind – and for good reason. Miami is a place unlike any other. The view from the water reveals a full and active city living truly on the edge of the coast in one of the most southern points of the United States. Your pictures here will be just as good on land as aboard your yacht charter. Be sure to capture the nightlife and the many one-of-a-kind meals that this unique melting pot has to offer visitors.

French Riviera, France

You would be hard-pressed to find a more romantic location than aboard a sailboat on the French Riviera. One of the most popular Mediterranean coastlines, the southwest corner of France boasts some of the most beautiful views from the ocean looking in. Pop some champagne and wait for the sun to set over one of the most iconic cities in the world (or better yet live stream that sunset).

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