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Caribbean Yacht Vacations

Our In-House Charter Fleet

A true yachting enthusiast is always thinking of ways to get out on the water. Time is often a deterrent, however; so occasionally is money. Luxury Caribbean yacht vacations with Neptune Group Yachting’s in-house Charter Fleet provide the ideal solution. Our in-house fleet is comprised of high-quality, affordable yachts 80 feet and longer that are based along the U.S. East Coast in the summer, in the Caribbean for the winter, or in Florida and The Bahamas year-round. Each yacht is staffed with professionally trained crew, is maintained to the highest standards, and offers attractively priced weekly charter rates. This popular little fleet of gems is perfect for yachting enthusiasts and those who desire a luxurious vacation in the Caribbean or an international yachting experience.

“While we earnestly believe, ‘There’s a yacht for everyone and someone for every yacht,’” says DJ Parker, “Neptune Group Yachting is all about quality. Thus, this formula provides the perfect opportunity to fulfill the enthusiast’s goal.”

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LADY LEILA  yacht charter in LADY LEILA13110$110,000 per week8
NEVER ENOUGH  yacht charter in NEVER ENOUGH14010$99,500 per week7
VIVIERAE II  yacht charter in VIVIERAE II9810$66,000 per week5
LEGENDARY  yacht charter in LEGENDARY1208$58,000 per week5
LADY DEENA II  yacht charter in LADY DEENA II1018$45,000 per week5
NORTADA  yacht charter in NORTADA858$42,420 per week5
CYNDERELLA  yacht charter in CYNDERELLA1018$41,500 per week4
LADY DEANNE V  yacht charter in LADY DEANNE V968$36,500 per week4
OOZ  yacht charter in OOZ9410$34,500 per week4