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Reasons to Charter My Yacht

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Why Offer My Yacht for Charter?

You are the proud owner of a beautiful, professionally crewed yacht. You thoroughly enjoy the time you spend on board, relaxing and visiting favorite and new international yachting destinations. Why then, should you consider making the yacht available for others to charter?

The first reason that comes to mind is INCOME. Chartering your yacht will bring in some revenue, which can help to offset the yacht’s running and maintenance expenses. However, there are many other factors to take into account when you are thinking about entering the charter market.

The reality is most owners end up spending far less TIME on their yachts than they anticipated on the day of purchase; thus chartering is a great way to keep the boat in use and avoid problems that may be caused by inactivity. Yachts that sit idle in the marina tend to develop more mechanical issues than those that push off the dock on a frequent basis. Never fear, the owner still has priority when it comes to deciding which weeks to spend on board during the course of the year – those dates can be “blacked out” in the charter calendar.

Most yacht captains and crew by nature are sociable and love to entertain guests. Offering the yacht for charter will continue their TRAINING and help them keep their skills honed, plus the experience gained can help them advance in their careers. The crew also will earn charter gratuities … and, who doesn’t like to earn a little extra income? A happy, gainfully employed crew ensures a happy yacht owner.

Most successful charter yachts are MOBILE and tend to follow the sun from season to season, heading to locations where there is a demand for charter experiences. This often motivates owners to send their yachts to exotic new destinations, especially since today, it is easy to transport almost any yacht to the four corners of the globe via ship or dedicated yacht carrier. Fulfilling the needs of charter clients also provides a great excuse for an owner to explore new parts of the world from the comfortable platform of his or her own vessel. Taking the yacht to the Galapagos, Costa Rica, the South Pacific, Australia and other far-flung regions suddenly seems more possible when supported by charter bookings.

All successful charter yachts have professional exterior and interior PHOTOGRAPHY that showcases the vessel in gorgeous print or electronic brochures. Some vessels even have a book commissioned that depicts the yacht’s décor, equipment and water toys. Imagine having such a keepsake preserving proud memories of the joys of yacht ownership.

A large yacht tends to develop its own REPUTATION in yachting circles, which can reflect on its owner and affect its resale value. Offered for charter and marketed as such by professional charter agents, a vessel can earn better name recognition in the professional yacht brokerage community than boats that are kept strictly private. A charter yacht also gathers testimonials from satisfied charter guests who provide ecstatic reviews of their experience on board. Often, this can be a huge benefit when an owner puts the yacht on the market for sale.