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Planning a South Florida Yacht Charter Wedding

March 30, 2018 Published by | Share This Post

Did you know that Florida yacht charters could serve as the venues for events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, corporate lunches… even weddings? Weddings aboard Florida yacht charters is a growing trend, and for good reason.

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t need to juggle multiple vendors and stress about décor. There is an easy solution to entertaining your guests on the most romantic night of your life – a wedding aboard a yacht charter. From planning to booking to your “big day” our team is available to help ensure your wedding festivities are just the way you’ve always dreamed.

Your South Florida yacht charter requires you to make no sacrifices. Your guests will enjoy fine dining, high-class entertainment and top-shelf drinks. Florida yacht charters as wedding venues offer the following pros (to name a few):

  • One location for everything – Many South Florida brides-to-be enjoy that events aboard a yacht charter require less planning and deciding. Our team at Neptune Group Yachting can help you refine the details, which makes planning easy and low-stress. Since your guests do not have to drive from location to location they can also enjoy adult beverages as they see fit.
  • Unparalleled views – Perhaps one of the best parts of choosing to have your wedding along the coast of Miami, offshore in Fort Lauderdale, or cruising in Palm Beach, are the views. The intercostal and ocean offer the only backdrop and decorations you’ll need during this party planning process.
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind party – Indeed, this type of venue is not common, which means your wedding is one your friends and family won’t certainly forget! Their photos will be beautiful and their memories long-lasting.
  • Entertain large groups – Even if your wedding plans include more than 100 people you can still have a yacht charter wedding. At Neptune Group Yachting we can help connect you with a yacht or boat that is just the right size for your party plans.
  • Hands-on-deck – It takes a lot of people to make a wedding happen. From waiters and cooks to doormen and DJs, everyone has an important job to help the day go smoothly. When you book a South Florida yacht charter you also get the crew to make it happen.
  • Traditions – You can still cut the cake, share a first dance and share a first kiss. Regardless of what wedding tradition you’re looking forward too, you can do it aboard a boat.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Neptune Group Yachting can help you find Florida yacht charters. In fact, we can help you find the perfect yacht for your wedding festivities. Whether you’re looking for something modern, something grand, something far or something near, we can help you find the perfect match. Our expertise is about the yachting industry, but our passion is making the vacation of your dreams come true. Check out our fleet and contact our team to see what’s possible.

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