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The Most Popular Chartered Yacht Vacation Destinations

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Chartered yacht vacations offer boaters a unique vacation experience. The vacation destinations below are ideal for boaters because they offer a yearlong season. Yachters can choose from a variety of activities, making everyone in the family happy (even grandpa).

British Virgin Islands

The mountainous coast that makes up the British Virgin Islands is a sight to be seen from the deck of your yacht. The BVIs offer yearlong warm weather for boat visitors. The yachting high season includes February, March and the end of December (near the holidays). January, April and November are also ideal times to visit.

We suggest starting on Norman Island and making a loop around Tortola by sailing toward Salt Island, Cooper Island, and Virgin Gorda. Continue toward Guana and Soper’s Hole, ending in Tortola or back at Norman Island.

The Bahamas

Since the Bahamas is made up of 300 tiny islands it is essentially a big beach offering visitors miles of coastlines for shelling, fishing or sunbathing. Less than 50 miles from the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is a popular stop for cruise lines.  If you are looking for something less busy visit Rock Sound, Mayaguana or Marsh Harbour.


Florida is the boating capital of the world and it isn’t a surprise why chartered yacht vacations are so popular in the sunshine state. The Florida Keys offers yachters some of the best fishing in the world. A few hours of boating toward the north lands you in Miami, an international destination for beaches, fine dining and nightlife.

You can go further north to West Palm Beach for a quieter vacation vibe. While the tri-county area is among the most popular for boaters, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Naples and Daytona Beach are some other popular Florida boating destinations.


The coast of California is an iconic drive (via road) because of the scenery but the view from the ocean (via boat) is just as beautiful.  San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are all popular yachting destinations on the west coast of the United States. Be sure to check out Catalina Island, located just south of Los Angeles and Wreck Ally in San Diego for some memorable diving.

New England

New England has some of the most popular boating destinations in the United States, including Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and Nantucket Island. Each of these destinations is a highlight for any New England yacht charter.

How to Book Chartered Yacht Vacations

Neptune Group Yachting has one goal: to pair you with the yacht charter of your dreams. We can organize yacht vacations to the destinations above and many more, including international and Mediterranean destinations.

We invite you to check out our fleet and imagine what your ideal vacation looks like and includes. When you’re ready, give us a call and we will start the planning process. Neptune Group Yachting is your portal to the world of luxury yachting.

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