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How to Tip Your Yacht Charter Crew

June 29, 2017 Published by | Share This Post

The appropriate amount to tip in any situation is always debatable. There is never a clear answer. However, just as you are expected to tip the bellman or woman carrying your luggage you are expected to tip the crew of your luxury yacht charter.

How much should you tip? When should you tip? What if you had a lousy time? We tackled these questions and more to point you in the right direction of properly thanking your crew and ending your boat journey on a strong note.

How Much Do You Tip on Luxury Yacht Charters?

How much to tip depends on the location, the length of the trip and the initial charter fee you paid. Typically, you can expect to be tipping within the range of five to 15 percent (this is outlined by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association). In Europe you can expect to tip at a lower percentage point but expectations will be on the high end if your charter is from the United States or the Caribbean.

How Do I Know the Crew Will be Happy With a 5 to 15 Percent Tip?

If you are unsure what your crew expects or feel the expectations might be higher when it comes to tipping, ask your broker if the yacht supports the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association recommendation guidelines. If he/she is unsure of the answer, ask about how previous trips have gone to get a better understand of what the crew might be expecting if all goes well. His or her feedback will point you in the most accurate direction.

When is the Right Time to Give My Tip?

You should give your tip at the end of your yacht charter. It is not customary to tip during the trip, for example, throughout meals or by leaving cash in the room when the sheets are changed, etc. Although it may be tempting to go out of your way for someone who made your trip special, it is not customary or recommended. There are crewmembers making things happen behind the scenes who may not get to interact with customers or have the opportunity to forge a relationship that might result in additional cash.

Who Exactly Gets the Tip?

The tip will be divided among the crew, which typically includes the captain, chef, multiple members of the deck crew, steward or stewardess and maid. You should give your tip to the captain at the end of your trip. He or she will divide the amount between the crew.

What if the Trip Didn’t Go Smoothly?

As with anything, you tip based on service. If you feel the service was below par you can adjust the amount you tip at the end of the trip as you see fit.


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