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What is Yacht Charter Season?

November 30, 2018 Published by | Share This Post

The ideal season for private yacht vacations varies by location. If you’re traveling in the Mediterranean (Croatia, Greece, along the Amalfi Coast, Malta, etc.) season starts in early summer between April and May. If you’re traveling in the Caribbean (Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Barbados, etc.) season begins in August/September.

The luxury yacht charter season is four to five months long but there are places, like Florida, where you can enjoy ideal boating weather for most of the year.

When choosing the ideal time for private yacht vacations, we suggest considering the following.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30. As there is no way to predict extreme weather of this type our suggestion is to not avoid travel during hurricane season indefinitely, rather be aware. If you are traveling anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico or throughout the Atlantic waters in the Caribbean, you need to be aware and watchful of the weather. Note this often means you’ll have to seek out the weather predictions, since you likely don’t live near your vacation destination and are, therefore, unable to gather the information from the local media.

As always, your safety is the chief concern of the team at Neptune Group Yachting. If we feel it is unsafe to disembark we will make the appropriate arrangements and edits to your yacht itinerary.

Industry Events

The yachting industry is a tight-knit group of professionals and each year there are several events that have crew, captain and brokers flocking to see the latest and greatest. Sometimes crew will plan their season around these events, so they can make an appearance and participate.

The largest is the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which happens every year in early November. It is the world’s largest in-water boat show and draws more than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries. In past years the variety of boats on show has totaled more than $4 billion dollars.

A second not-to-miss annual event is The Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show in December. The event features an impressive display of yachts and hosts many workshops. There is also a charter chef competition. For many, The Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show is known as the unofficial start of the winter season for Caribbean boating and yachting.


Every popular yachting destination has land-based tourism, and since tourism runs in cycles you should consider peak tourist season timing when planning private yacht vacations. Avoiding peak tourism season can heighten your enjoyment of the days you spend on land exploring new places. If it’s important to visit in the off season we recommend doing some research to determine when the visitor rate is at the lowest.

Scheduling Private Yacht Vacations at the Optimal Time

At Neptune Group Yachting we can and will make suggestions for the ideal time of year to travel to your chosen destination(s). We’re experts at optimizing your calendar so that you can enjoy the most sunshine possible and the least number of crowds. We invite you to start your private vacation journey by contacting us today.

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