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Yacht Charter Vacations: 11 Signs You’re a Yachter for Life

July 18, 2017 Published by | Share This Post

When you spend a significant amount of time on yacht charter vacations the line between life on the ocean and life on land begins to blur. How can you tell if yachting runs in your bones? If any of these signs can be used to describe you, we’d say you’re definitely a yachter for life.

You refer to your kitchen as a “galley.”

Boats have special terms for the sections and parts of the boat. If “kitchen” is no longer in your lexicon when on land and you call the bathroom “the head,” you’re definitely a yachter for life.

No one counts on you to be at life’s biggest events.

The most popular months for celebrations and holidays are also popular vacation months, which means you’re rarely around for family fun.

You are a master balancer.

The seas get rough so you’ve had plenty of practice balancing on your feet. It’s no easy task to get on and off a yacht with a hand full of luggage – you’ve mastered the dance.

You sway constantly when you’re on land.

Since you spend so much time on the water, when you’re back on non-moving land you get the sensation that you’re still moving with the tide. No worries though, since you’re a master balancer no one know it is happening except you.

You can’t fix anything without your engineer.

On yachts they pay someone to fix everything, and it is not you. So when something breaks you’re pretty much useless unless your engineer is around. Tip: When on land, try Google (it knows everything).

You are never alone (like, really, never).

Even yachts are tiny places and when you are running yacht charter vacations one after another solo time is constantly out of grasp. There is always a guest, child, co-worker or employee in the same room or just down the hall. You even share sleeping quarters. Personal time is a foreign concept to you.

The tannest person at the party is always you.

Hey, you work outside for a living so, naturally, you’re the tannest guy or girl in your social circle! Also, sunscreen might be your best friend and it is possible you smell of it all the time.

You’re actually sick of the Caribbean.

Yes, it is possible to be sick of the picture perfect beaches and crystal clear blue waters that are the Caribbean. As the most popular yachting destination in the world we get how after the hundredth trip to the Caribbean might lose its appeal.

The sun is your watch.

If you can tell the time by looking at the placement of the sun in the sky, you’re definitely a yachter for life.

The rich and famous don’t impress you.

You’ve seen it all during your years mapping out vacations for the wealthy… there’s nothing that can shock you at this point.

You may be guilty of wearing embarrassing hats.

You know those hats with the flaps on the sides that come down to protect your shoulders and your neck? Yeah, you’re guilty of wearing those when sunscreen just is not enough.

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