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When Is Yacht Week 2018?

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Yacht week is a series of floating festivals that take place in six different locations around the world. Every year people gather for the world’s largest floating party. Yacht Week creates high demand for luxury yacht charters as vacationers are looking for relaxation, comfort and excitement.

Who Would Enjoy Yacht Week?

Yacht Week is open to any group of friends who are looking for a unique vacation experience. The average age of Yacht Week participants is 28 years old. You can book a spot on a boat with a minimum of two people or book an entire yacht for your crew with a minimum of six people. The vacation is ideal for best friends, young couples and/or a big group of friends.

Where is Yacht Week?

You can book your seven-day-long adventure in one of six locations: Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Thailand, and the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Each of the routes makes several stops in cities and ports throughout the country. You won’t receive the itinerary for your adventure until a few weeks before your trip.

When is Yacht Week?

The festivities start every year in June during the Croatia route through early September. The British Virgin Islands route runs from the end of December through January and for select dates in March. Thailand also has routes available in December and January. The tickets for the upcoming season go on sale in November so be sure to book quickly to ensure you get the yacht, dates and destination of your choice.

How Much Does Yacht Week Cost?

The cost of Yacht Week per person varies based on your reservation. At the time of booking you choose the destination and the type of yacht, which all factor into the cost. The average reservation costs between $1,000 and $2,000 per person and does not include airfare to the departing country or port fees for each day of the week-long trip.

Yacht Week by the Numbers

  • $1,000 to $2,000 – the average cost per person (not including airfare)
  • 12 – the number of people allowed on one boat
  • 50/50 – the ratio of men to women required for each route
  • 6 – the number of destinations (routes)
  • 7 – the number of days of each route
  • 37 – the number of weeks available on the Croatia and Greece routes (the original routes)
  • 10% – the amount due at booking
  • 6 – the minimum number of people required to book luxury yacht charters that are private (just your crew)

Miss Yacht Week 2018?

If you didn’t get a reservation in 2018, don’t worry. Neptune Group Yachting creates custom yachting vacations in the same destinations as Yacht Week. Our team works together to make your charter experience an unforgettable reality. Whether you’re looking for a party on the sea, an experience in culture, or a relaxing get-a-way, Neptune Group Yachting can make it happen. We invite you to check out our fleet and contact us for more information about booking your dream luxury yacht charter.

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